I was an ESU exchange student from the US to Dover, 1996-1997. I have many fond stories from my exchange year and here is one of my favorites that I still tell new friends. It's better when told aloud, for the accents. :)

I was the part-time nanny for the deputy headmaster's three kids during my exchange year. The parents and the kids got a hoot out of my southern accent. As I was talking, the 5 year old boy asked me in his adorable English accent, "Miranda, what does 'neat' mean? Does it mean 'tidy'?" I replied in my drawl, "No, it means 'good.'" A few weeks later, he rushed up to me, excited after school, and said, "Miranda, Miranda! A little boy at school today said, 'neat,' and I said I have an American nanny and she says 'neat,' too!" So cute!