I will always be grateful for the ESU for giving me a scholarship to attend the TLab program at Oxford in 2017. It was such a wonderful opportunity! It actually ended up working out well for me because as soon as I got back, my Assistant Principal asked me if I could teach AP Literature that school year and I jumped at the chance. Luckily, I had taken notes during my classes and lectures so I was able to use the notes in my lectures for AP Literature and sometimes in other classes, such as senior-level British Literature.

While I was in Oxford, I managed to go to Stratford to visit Shakespeare's hometown and to Dublin to tour the city and learn more about the writers from around there, such as Oscar Wilde. This knowledge helps me when I'm teaching various Shakespeare plays and "The Importance of Being Earnest.” 

What I was able to experience has directly affected my lesson plans and students. My visit to Bath impacts my lessons on early British history, which we study in conjunction with Anglo-Saxon elegies and "Beowulf." 

Finally, peppered throughout my British literature lessons, various topics come up such as British culture, so I am able to communicate to my students about the food, the pubs, the pace of life, what the British people value, and transportation options. They are very interested in all this and I strongly encourage them to visit the UK at some point in their lives. I like to think that I am able to tell them what a cool and exciting place it is, so I can inspire them to make their own journey across the pond.

Thank you, ESU, for supporting teachers and for believing in us and congratulations on your 100 Year Anniversary!