I first learned about ESU when I was an undergrad theatre education major at the University of Arizona, which hosted the competition on site in our department building, and thought it was a really great opportunity for theatre students to showcase their capability to interpret and perform Shakespeare's heightened language. When I moved to Oregon, and to the high school level, I knew I wanted my students to participate. At the same time, a community member emailed me about ESU so it reinforced that I needed to have my students participate. We've been entering since 2007-2008. I became an official Portland Branch member a few years later. One of my students earned second place in the Branch Competition in 2017, and this year, in 2021, another student placed in the top ten at Nationals! I never imagined that competition I heard about in Arizona would become one of the highlights of the competition season in Oregon, but I am thankful it is. I also hope to attend one of the TLabs or other ESU offerings in the future. Thanks, ESU!